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Keeping a body raw, but protecting it from water

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checkout this website www.highlandhardware.com look for Sam Maloof's furniture finish, I used it on a bass that I just built. Sam is one of the finst furniture makers in the world, try to find oms epics of his stuff on the net, you can get a feel for his work/finish. The finish is one that he came up with himslef, it is very cool. Tung oil alone is hard to wipe on evenly, and watco (danish oil) is extremely dull looking. Sam's stuff is a mixture of boiled linseed oil, tung oil and poly it works very well, after 3 or four coats of that use his wax/oil finish for additional portection. It will not give you a thick layer like most finishes but it will protect the wood and leave it with a natural feel and give it a nice sheen, but not to shiny at all.



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