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Casting Resin

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Bri- Clear Casting Resin is NOT fun to work with. I did a few projects many moons ago, and though they came out well, I'm not rushing back to the store to get more. :-)

1. VENTILATION! Get as many fans as you can to remove that caustic smelly stuff. Even doing it outside is rough.

2. Measure your resin and catalyst BEFORE you lay it into your mold. It's not rocket science, but get as close as you can.

3. Get more fans. At least 2 more.

4. Wear gloves...and clothes that can sit outside (by the fans) for a couple of days. Don't plan on wearing the clothes to a nice dinner ever again. :-P

5. Fans still on? LOL

It's not too expensive, from what I can remember- about $20/gal, plus catalyst (a couple of bucks.

It can be cool, esp. if you want to do something that's truly unique. If you're just looking for thick clear plates, I'd suggest the link above. If you want to put a bunch of scorpions or "taranchulas" in it, give it a shot.

If you've got any other questions, feel free to email/IM me. Good luck!

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