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When The Neck Is On Wrong!

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Unusual question,

People here always talk about the right way to begin and complete a project.

Years back I made the mistake of getting a crappy tech to switch bodies on an old strat of mine....the body wasn't original but the neck IS an original 1972.

The thing has always had intonation problems and upon closer inspection....I think the durn neck is on wrong!!

The high E-string almost leaves the neck past the 12th fret...looks fine near the first fret.

I'm taking this to a GOOD tech on Monday......but I'm just WONDERING

When some pinhead puts the neck on wrong....can it be corrected using the same body?? OR do you have to get a new body to avoid weakening the neck joint??

I'm worried!!

Any information or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


p.s. It's my own fault....I should have realized the guy was a dunce when he tried to tell me that ALL the wiring has to be re-done when moving a strat pickguard (not just the input jack and ground). I did not let him convince me....but I should have laughed, and walked right then. :D

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it was probably just not aligned correctly.a good tech should be able to fix it.

with a little research you yourself may be able to fix it.i know there is a tutorial on the main site about how to achieve the proper intonation,and there may well be one on aligning the neck as well.

aligning the neck is a simple procedure....

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Yeah, you'll get it fixed. Same body and all. How long did it take to notice this? I ask because I kept a guitar (Jackson) up to snuff for my nephew for a couple years and one day the low E was right at the edge of the neck. I thought it had spent too many nights in his trunk and the neck warped. Not so. A really sloppy install(huge holes,loose pocket) had let the neck suddenly kick left. Doweled the old holes, Devconed the pocket and redrilled. Worked great but requires you use a neck plate instead of those countersunk washer thingies.

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