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Ebony For A Neck?

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thanks algee, I think I will use it considering I was worried about my guitar(my own design) being much to body heavey as it has a big body all behind the bridge. So I think the extra weight would deffinatly be a good thing. I'll probally use madagascar eboney due to its color(orange streaks) you can see some madagascar ebony here

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Look here to see a discussion on the subject where I calculated the difference in neck weight and proved that it should have a neglectible effect on "neck-heaviness".

depends on the body style.if it is a les paul then truly you want to keep the neck lighter than solid ebony would be

if it is a strat or similar it will probably be fine...but don't cry to me if that "little bit" of extra weight makes it nosedive :D

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I have built a few rosewood necked guitars using (heavy) rosewood and they are a little bit heavier but not much heavier than maple. I am currently using a piece of Madagascare rosewood with a Macassar (Madagascar) ebony fretboard. It will be going on one of my single cut guitars. The body blank I chose was a bit more dense than I would if the neck were mahogany or lighter but the neck is not that much heavier to begin with. The cost can be a concern but it is worth it to me.

One thing to note is that you do not need to alter the shape if you don't want to (longer horn, etc). To adjust the center of balance on the guitar simply move the strap button on the end of the guitar up a bit. By doing this you can offset any neck heaviness that occurs.

BTW I think that an ebony neck would sound great. Steve Klein used solid rosewood necks without trussrods on his headless electrics (with a trem). He also used rosewood necks on some acoustics. I had the pleasure of playing one while in Sonoma, CA a couple years ago and it was a beautiful sounding guitar.

I have a nice chunk of ebony waiting to be made into a neck. It is macassar and rings like rosewood. Let us know how yours turns out.

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