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Black Epoxy On Mahogany?

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Maiden, that was only if you're dying it blue. :DB)

As long as you're doing any earth tone shade (yellow/red/brown), I wouldn't bleach Mahogony.

Bleaching wood is adding another complete 'operation' to finishing wood that I would prefer a noob stay away from until they have some experience. And even then, it's usually kept to lightening up a nice Maple top that's not perfectly white when doing a blue finish of some sort.

And for asm and Godin, grain filler and pore filler have been gone over again and again and again, just use the search engine, there's a boatload of info here about all those products. And if you don't fine enough here to keep you occupied, the MIMF has a boatload MORE about them.

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Hey Drak, I remembered about the earth tone color, but since he said that he wanted to do a green color, I thought it will be about the same as the blue! One of the volunteers were Igo to work liked my guitar ans she is a preety good wood worker and want to make one for her husband now... She just bought him a PRS on summer, and the guy had a nice colection of Fenders, I'm going to ask him to play mine to see what he thinks... Oh back to subject... she is getting some figured mahogany at a lumber place in PA, I don't rememberthe name but she said that if I help her she will give me enough for a top! I see it now, black grain filled blue with maple stripes or a Carvin neck thru.

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