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Quickly changing pickups


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I am getting ready to change out pickups in two of my guitars. I was wondering if you could wire them using somekind of plug-in system or wiring harness so that future pickup changes would be as simple as wiring the pickup with a plug and then just mount it and plug it in. It would seem that this is possible. If it is possible, what are your recomendations on how to do it? What should I use? If it is a bad idea or not possible, why?

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that is the way emg does it.you can switch between all the active humbuckers.works great .here's what i did to all my guitars.i put the harness in with about 3 inches of extra wire so that i can unscrew my mounting ring from the body,pick my floyd WAY up(using the bar) until the strings are completely slack,and slip my pickup out without even removing my strings. :D

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