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new guitar bodies?

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i think what elton means is the basic shape.i do create my own body shapes but they are loosely based on existing shapes.basicly it's like this.i prefer double cutaways or v shapes.double cutaways are any shape that has a cut on the bottom for upper fret access and one on the top(stratocaster,warlock,etc...)single cutaway just has the one on the bottom(les paul.)it's hard to come up with a completely original design because it has to look good and play easily.i am building an original flying v right now out of alder and walnut with a maple neck thru.i designed the shape by laying out the dimensions of the bridge,electronics,and lower portion of the neck on a piece of posterboard and drawing the body around it.it is similar to a b.c.rich speed v in looks but is smaller in width and greater in length.plus the points are different.as soon as i finish it i will post a picture.i have to get a better camera for it.

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by the way third eye organic means anything that is derived from a carbon compound.(of nature)i think unique is the word you were looking for.differrent pieces of the same type of wood do vary in density and moisture content and such,but the shape of a guitar only has a minimal effect on tone and that is i believe mostly due to mass and amount of wood surrounding the neck,bridge,and pickups(the basic "meat" of the guitar.)the periperal wood is mostly for looks,comfort,and balance.

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