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Tooling Up For Xmas


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Well I've been thinking and I've decided that I'm going to take guitar building a little more seriously. So I've been power tool shopping B)

I've just bought myself.....

..... A new router, router table and bits so I can now give my mates router back.

..... A thicknesser (It's only 10 inch so I'm going to have to start building 2 piece bodies)

..... A jointer/planer for nice square edges

..... A little cheep pillar drill so that my old man can have his back

I decided to buy these as I had my performance bonus last month and my christmas bonus this month so I actually had a little bit of money in the bank (by money I mean overdraft). I also sold my motorbike too :D .

Anyway I had to tell someone. Just got to get myself something bigger than the spare bedroom to work in now. :D

mmmm, think I might have to build a shed :D

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Cool they might be but I had to pay for them so presents they ain't :D

All the stuff is from NuTool. They're not DeWalt quality but they seem well worth the money (well only the router tables arrived but that seems good). They all look kind of generic and I think they're the same as the ones you get as shops own brands.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I got a bandsaw too. It's a table top jobby but it's got a 12inch throat (just like my girlfriend - he he). Only cost me £16 + £15 for delivery.

I'm a happy man with toold, but a happy man without a motorbike B)

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Yeah, off ebay.

I'm not expecting it to be fantastic, but I am expecting it to work for a bit. Got a feeling that I'll have to be very slow with it. It's got a 12" throat and the whole thing sits about 30 inch high.

I'm really going to have to make something to put all these new tools on, I don't think that my wobbly workmate will do the job anymore. I'm not kidding, my *ahem* workshop consists of the spare bedroom in the loft conversion of my very small house. I think I must have about 2m x 3m of working space and I keep smacking my head on the ceiling.

I'll try to get some photos up after christmas. Actually, I've got a photo of the bandsaw already (from ebay) but god knows how to post it :D

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Most of the new tools arrived this morning - Thicknesser, Planer/Jointer and pillar drill.

Got two problems though:

1) I think I over estimated how much space there is in the spare room :D This will take a rethink and a bit of moving stuff around. I'm definately going to have to build a work bench (or preferably a shed)

2) The thicknesser came in about 20 parts. Mainly due to the massive hole in the side of the box causing the on/off button box to be shattered. There is also something big, metal and yellow floating around by the mechanism so I don't think I'll turn it on. Well actually come to think about it, I can't turn it on because the buttons missing. B)

Oh well gives me time to think about where to put all this stuff. I'll try to post some pics of the rather small work room after christmas.

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Well I'm back at work today, got in this morning and my bandsaw has arrived over the holidays B) It's only little but I hope that it should do the job (if I'm careful with it).

Over the holidays, I was intending on building a workbench, so I went to the DIY shop and tried to buy the stuff. Unluckily though, they no longer have the facilities to cut wood to length so that I could fit it in the girlfriends tiny car :D . In the end I had to buy a flat pack workbench, which is very cheep and cheerful but it should do the job (once I put a vice on it anyway).

I've also taken over a set of draws that were in the spare bedroom and are now full of plans and sandpaper.

I've also put two big holes in the side of the duvan bed so that I could keep tools in there :D. After a bit of rejigging of the bedroom, I know have a workshop and there isn't really much else I have to buy (exept for maybe a door and a shopvac)

Pics soon :D

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