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Fender Vi

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my previous project is going to be coming to close shortly and im in the mood to do a bit of research. i might go the route of doing a baritone tuned eadgbe, one octave lower than standard. does anyone know what the basic specs are on the fender vi? is it just a standard jag bridge and pickups? i cant find any info that goes very deep other than telling me the obvious.

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A Fender Bass VI type instrument uses a 30" scale length.

If you want to duplicate the Fender Bass VI tremolo bridge you'll probably have trouble finding parts.

The Hellcat VI uses a standard Tone Pros Tune-o-matic style guitar bridge and standard guitar tuners. Maybe they route slightly larger holes in the tailpiece and tuner for the bass strings. Not sure.

Selecting pickups for an instrument like this is going to be tricky. Because of the narrow string spacing you are stuck with guitar pickups and I don't think the bass response is where it needs to be with them.

The Hellcat VI uses Seymour Duncan mini humbuckers but I doubt they are THAT customized for bass response.

I've been on the verge of getting a Hellcat VI for a while now but wanted to try it out first, so I've been studying the specs.

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i know this. but you can buy the thicker strings from different companies for tuning it to one octave lower than a guitar with a 30 inch scale. i just like the idea of having it one octave lower since it would help me out a tremendous deal writing music for bass and guitar, and because of the fact that in my band i switch between baritone, seven string, and standard tuned guitars. i just needed pretty much the specs of the neck and scale length. for pickups i was thinking about something. i think i could use a five string bass pickup underneath the pickguard and fake the pickups by using the covers of jag pickups and make fake polepieces. would that work if i had a pickup under the pickguard? i mean plastic isnt magnetically charged is it? ive seen pickups with no holes for the polepieces in the plastic. im making a jazzmaster as my next normal six string and im buying the templates. ive seen the new jag baritone that fender makes and the parts are nothing special, just a regular tom with larger notches in the saddles. i dont need a trem at all. my dad works in metals so he could widen the holes in the stoptail and tuners.

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