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allright i got this whole thing figured out excpet one thing. the volume and tone pot are connected. ive heard i could seprate them but i dont wanna edit anything up. im puting them in a bc rich beast nj series. basically all im asking is if i take them apart how do i reconnect them in a sense :D i think um. well if you get it then thanks if your confused ill try again lol thanks for the help.

oh and all the places i went too said it would take more then 2 weeks and said its 75 bucks to put them in sooo yeah i dont wanna do that cuz i asked around and they said thats way too long and to much

watch the language.

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is there any certain soder i should use or would anything work?

Anything'll work, but radioshack solder is TERRIBLE. (You can still use it, if you're just doing one or two things, but it's a pain in the ass to work with. You can get decent solder at any hardware store, the only really truly bad kind I've ever used is the RadioShack brand). Oh, well, it should be rosin-core not acid-flux, but it can actually be pretty hard to find acid-flux solder these days.

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