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i cut up some teek

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hey this stuff is cool! it looks kinda like a grey/green mahogany in color. but it is much stronger! i cut pieces 2 1/2 x 3/8 x 36 and it is stiff like ebony and has an oily grain like ebony so i figure its gotta be good for a fret board? strength wise definetly! tone wise im not sure? has any one ever used it? i know you can glue it just fine, my landloard used to make furniture out of it. the teek i got was from an old "liberty ship" you know the ones our guys got blown up in from the nazi's (them jerks) .

it smells great! kinda like fresh tobacco (but i dont smoke, i just love the smell of a fresh cigarette, im wierd!)

i might try it but if it sucks please let me know soon cuase im gonna cut it tommorrow! (i didnt mean smoking, i meant the wood for a fret board.)

thanks, rye

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well tonight i glued a sample peice to a scrap of mahogany tommorow i will try to break the joint! and see how it held? if its a good joint then i will definetly use it! i have enough for about six maybe eight nice fret boards!

i agree with wes, i think the oils will increase playability! but there is only one way to find out!

this guitar is gonna rock! its my standard design( offset prs/jbass)

but its semi hollow with a carved mahogany top and two f-holes, also a mahogany neck. so far all i have left to do is fret baord/ inlays, a little binding, and finish it! of course find some cash somewhere :D to buy the finishing supplies and pickups! (wich will be bill lawrence)

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heck yeh! that was the first one i went to!

he used to live 15min. from me! i was gonna visit his shop but then i noticed they already moved! but yeh i liked thier tour, i love the fact that its all family owned . thanks for putting up them tours bri, i look at a few every day! there awsome!

the cool thing about bill l. is that he makes good stuff and the prices are very reasonable! i'll take them over a new gibson anyday! such great quality to!

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