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aww shucks :D

in all seriousness the reason i have been able to help is because most of your posts are in electronics,with which i have an affinity.i have been rewiring all my guitars for years so i have some knowledge in guitar electronics and different pickups.but don't ask me about fretwork or finishing.(yet,i am learning) B) eastern tennessee huh?i drove through nashville and elvis's hometown on my way to bowling green once.beatiful mountains in that area.it's pretty flat here in austin

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by the way as i have explained on this forum before i am not egotistical i just couldn't think of a better name.i used to go by wesnickfis in alot of places but my wife,while trying to hack into my email to see if i was being a good boy,accidentaly locked up my old address.so i changed everything to westhemann right about the time i joined this forum.(by the way yes i was being a good boy,but you know how paranoid women can get)

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