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Umh yeah!

I have a question on scalloping .. (thats what its called right? like on yngwies guitars)

I own a old Ibanez EX 360 . Wich im kinda ready to do something fun with and customize it a bit .. Now , it would be cool to have a scalloped guitar! B) hehe.. funny ...

The problem nontheless , is that the inlays are there... and , (since i have NO clue on modding and such at all , i ask you guys) . Is it possible to scallop over inlays? its white sharkfinn inlays ...

Well . hope someone can answer ...

Thanks .

Nilsefix :D

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I've done a couple of those necks and yes you can do it. Just keep in mind you really don't need to go as deep on the bass side as you will want to go on the treble side of the neck.

As far as Yngwies guitars are concerned, the one's I have seen up close don't go as deep as most people would think. It only takes a little off to get the job done properly.

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