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Lo-pro Edge 6 & 7 String Trem Vendors

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I had a really hard time finding them in EU , and quite expensive the Ibanez ones, so I got a 7 string Floyd rose TRS from "guitar parts depot" for something like 170 $ that would be like 110 E (i think averagly).

I live in Italy but always buy from US, It's way more convenient in price ( even with the shipping fee ), and way lots more choise of products.

I know they look better and probably have better performance level rather than a TRS , but why want to spend more than double !

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I have been dealing with same issue. As most others building Ibanez type 7 strings....

I would've liked to use a Ibanez Lo Pro 7 for my project too.

Options open are/were:

Buy second hand trem thru ebay.com ($50-$100)

Buy from official Ibanez dealer in Europe (E225-E250 without toplock, so add E45-50)

Buy second hand RG7620 and take trem out of it.... ($200-$300)

Or go alternative route and get OFR. The OFR is very similar to the Ibanez Edge trem.

At guitarpartsdepot.com they can be had for $170 (E120-130)

I have been in limbo about this issue for while. Really didn't wanno go the OFR route.....If Ibanez didn't have such a rediculus pricing structure of their trems, I would have dropped a new Edge Pro trem in the guitar I'm building.......currently I go for the decent acceptable alternative.

The OFR. Just makes more sense...........

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Most people try to find them on the internet or via this site. It's exactly what I did too first. Then I went into the store of the local Ibanez dealer and asked if they could get me a cosmo black Low Pro 7. They ordered one for me for 225€ which is quite a good price compared to the online sellers. I think every local Ibanez dealer can get the trem for you at this price. Just ask them....

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