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Help Me Choose Strat Color

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I cant decide on which color scheme to go with. If I go with the white or black it will get vintage hardware and look something like a Hendrix guitar. If I go with the quilted burst it will get modern hardware and prolly a SD Cool Rails in the bridge. I have to say I just re-watched my Hendrix DVD and Im craving the vintage look, but Im also into the crazy looking quilted thing. HELP!!!

Look at the Virtual Guitar Images of each here

Stratocaster Lineup

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Do you already have the wood?

Never cover figured wood with a solid color...if you already have the figured wood, go out & find yourself some alder for the white one (there are already too many black guitars).

I second the motion to build 2; have one for regular tuning, then tune the other to D or (better yet) make yourself a long-scale baritone strat tuned to B or A (they sound great).

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well Im not building 2. well not at the moment anywase. Im only 16 and I barely got enough cash to finish 1. The body is Ash, and I would put a maple veneer top on if I was gonna do the 3rd one. Its basically a decision weather I want to go with a modern start with Fender Vintage Noisless pickups and new style hardware. Or if I go with the white or the black I would put in the Fender CS 69's and have vintage hardware. I know black is overdone but it would look so nice with the vintage tinted neck. Im a sucker for a black guitar :D

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