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Couloured Stain?

Curtis P

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I started another guitar last night, neck through SG, inspired by the one in Progress part of the site, anyways, i am doing a basswood back with flamed maple top, and maple neck, I would like it to be gloss white, and still see the flame, but if i must, then just regular maple and maple neck

I plan on making it fretless (yea, i know, no chords, but i will use fret markers too)

The fingerboard is going to be rosewood or maple, and it will be dyed dark, the back of the neck will be gloss white as well, but my main question is, can i buy some stain that is white?? I want it to be completly white, with a dark fingerboard, I think it would look amazing in my opinon



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note: everything in my post is speculation. i don't know the answer, i'm basically thinking aloud. (or in text)

i don't think a white STAIN is possible. in pigments white is the absence of all color. so you can't really add a color to something and hope to get white out of it.

seems like you're looking for something more along the lines of bleaching the wood. i have absolutely no experience with wood bleaching so i don't know how well this would work for what you want.

by the way a completely white guitar with an ebony fretboard looks amazing. especially if the hardware is white powder coated.

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Perhaps..you could lime the wood then either wax it or laquer...but therein may lay a problem as liming requires a good grain to fill...I do not know how this will work with hard maple..also, this would not be a lasting finish...unless lquered..

Another idea as the plague says is to bleach the wood...but you may loose definition of the flame....

Another idea is to make a wash...dilute white paint to the point that it is only thinner...then build up to the required shade/depth...then laquer...but you would need to make it very, very thin...and apply it with a rag...

Difficult to obtain I would think either way...but try several methods on some scrap and see how it turns out....

btw, I'm no paint guy...it's just what I would do to try...but good luck if you try...


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There are a few ways to do this, but I will suggest you get either a water based white translucent color, and then top it with clear, I know that createx have a white tint that you can add to their clear or other colors to lighten the tone, I haven't tried this but I have used the white opaque mixed with come acrylic clear and pearl to make some pearl paint for a model car, I'm sure that you can play with it and at the right ratio it will work.


Here is a see thru white ESP, don't drool too much, just like the Holden use to be all AU, this one is for overseas only. This site is awsome, a bit overpriced even in AU $ , but it's a nice place to get ideas from.

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