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How To Dye A Veneer Through The Thickness

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I want to dye some veneer black through the thickness, i.e. when I cut the veneer it has to be black inside as well as outside.

I read something about cooking venner somewhere but can't find the links. I'd love to hear from anyone who's ever done this.

What kind of dye to use? How long to cook? How high? ect..

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I asked this very questions a very loooong time ago. If I remember, it was said that it needed to have pressure to force the dye into the wood as well. Either way, I was advised that it couldn't be done at home :D

I wanted to dye mine blue B)

You could of course put the dye in the wifes steam iron and heat and pressure it in that way (j/k, it'd probably explode).

Can't you use a really dark wood (like ebony) vaneer? I'm sure a man of your calibre has already thought of that (being blatently obvious) but I thought it was worth a mention :D

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I'm sure a man of your calibre has already thought of that

A man of my caliber?? :D

Wuzzat mean? I got a big one or did I just become a pro without knowing it? B)

I already bought wenge veneer but it's not dark enough for what I want to do. I didn't see any ebony veneer anywhere, do they make that? Isn't ebony too dense to be plyable?

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Thanks Wes and Tone Monkey,

Wes, the color was perfect, only problem is that they charge 5 per square foot and only sell the sheets in 4' X 11' , that's a hundred so dollars for this.

Tone, I need to do several layers of veneer on a body, so I need quite a lot of veneer.

I already bought a sheet of wenge about 1' X 8' (300mm X 2400mm) for a couple of bucks, now if I just can get this thing to become a deep dark through and through, that would be the greatest.

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