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I Need Something Better Than Duplicolor...?


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Well, I'm about to do the finish on the PRS style body I made and I was wanting to get some opinions on lacquer rattle cans (clear finishing specifically). My last guitar turned out great with Duplicolor but it took forever and a day for the paint to get to a satisfactory hardness. I think I waited about a month before I started wet sanding.

Does anyone know of a better lacquer rattle can (brand wise), something I could find locally like at Home Depot that will give me basically the same results but with out all the wait. There is a PPG store near me; would they have something? I'd prefer to buy locally rather than order stuff from Stewmac or the like.....

Any help is greatly appreciated..


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Lacquer specifically takes a long time. You're not going to find any lacquer product that will cure any faster than that in any aerosol can.

Hurrying the final buff is the worst mistake you can make.

The other alternative is to switch to some other kind of product completely, like polyurethane, polyester, an oil-based finish, something like that, cuz lacquer always takes a month or better.

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The only way I'm able to deal with waiting for the finish on my first guitar to harden is....start a new project!

Seriously, it's the only way.

My first guitar is now at the stage where it passes the sniff test...but I'm going to wait another week at least...can't hurt...

Luckily I've started my convertible project already, otherwise....

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