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Tinted Lacquer....?


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I just dyed my guitar and sealed it with sanding sealer as well as a coat of lacquer. The problem is the guitar looked a nice redish color when I dyed it but now it seems to be more of a brownish red (like a violin). I was wondering if there is some sort of tinted or transparent color lacquer that I can spray over it to red'n it up a little before I start building up more lacquer coats. Like I said it already has some lacquer on it so it would have to go over that..........?

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Thanks for the replies guys. I sprayed some on a test piece that had been dyed and cleared already and it came out nice.... gave it just the red tint I was looking for. Now all I have to do is finish the black back which I already started since it's already taped up and then I try the metalcast on the front :D

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Really? The can i have of blue metalcast says acrylic lacquer.

Hmm. Did i spell acrylic right?? :D


When somebody say's 'lacquer' in a guitar context they usually mean nitrocellulose. Any clear gloss can be desribed as lacquer, but unless you specify people will tend to assume you mean nitro.

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Before I ever used the metalcast I e-mailed them and the response was that all their products were acrylik based, so it is not nitro. And you won't have a problem if you spray a coat of clear within the 1hr window, if you had waited until next day you will have had a nice crackel finish, can tell you by experince! When using metalcast avoid oil based polyurethanes, they will just peel like a snakes sking in about a week or so. It happened to my blue guitar and to somebody else on the forum. I will be waitng until winter is done to coat recoat with nitro!

Also metalcast is not formulated to build up thick, that's why you clear coat it. And I haven't had any other problem with it. And this is the 2nd guitar I paint using it.

Good luck

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