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Tobias 5 Strings Neck Broken

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Its a beautiful Bass, and the sound oh my gosh, but its very sick, leg broken, and need surgery :D

The truss road its not working, somebody can give me an advice? i think i need to remove the fretboard, maybe its the only way to know what happen with te TR.

Tobias broken

How can i clean and polish that bass? it is hand rubbed oil finish, maybe with 3m carnauba wax could work?

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Here's some advice a trusted source gave me on fixing a truss rod (without steaming off the fb):

I would loosen the truss-rod nut all the way, and take it off, if it will come off. I would then find, or make, a washer to fit in on the threaded truss rod. Usually a washer that's about 1/32" thick will do fine. A thicker washer is usually ok, as long as the truss-rod nut will still screw onto the rod. before screwing the nut back on, I would clean it well, then put a little grease on the nut's threads, and a little grease on the edge of the nut that will touch the new washer. I would then screw the nut onto the rod just a little. It should be left loose now. Then I would clamp the neck into a back-bow, with a special set-up of wood blocks and a clamp. You could also have someone hold the bass body firmly against a table top, while you use one hand to push the neck into a back-bow at the headstock. While the neck is being held in a back-bow, tighten the truss-rod nut to the max.

then stop pushing the neck into a back-bow with your hand, or remove the block and clamp set-up, if you used that method to put it into a back-bow.

Now, chances are the truss-rod will be holding the neck in a back-bow. You can now loosen the truss-rod nut until the neck is straight, or has a little relief (forward bow)

As for the finish, paste wax would probably work fine. If it is a pure tung oil finish, Waterlox wipe--on finishes are compatible, and the high gloss version will give you -very- shiny results.

Be careful about the body finish; if you want to sell it, it would probably suit you to email Tobias and find out if they have any factory-approved methods in order to maintain is original finish.

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I think that the warranty doesn't cover mistakes like letting your friend drop the bass headstock first in to the floor!!! If they do let me know I know a friend that got a smashed fender USA guitar that iwill like to get fixed under warranty when he dicided to do the Hendrix slam to the stage thing!

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thank megs but maybe Its too late for warranty, and the trouble its by other friend from the owner of the bass.

He told oh men your bass is wrapped, let me fix it, and he damaged the truss road, the bass has two different troubles, its not for the smash, its different.

But that is the trouble here in my city Mexico Monterrey, we dont have luthiers, and 2 or 3 persons crack the guitars in the same to fix it.

I began to repair my own guitar because i was a victim of one of that persons, and i research a lot and rigth know my friends and other people ask for my because i trie to do a god job, but im learning, and all your help is welcome.

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