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Squeeling pickup!


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Hey guys!

The other guitar player in my band recently got a '97 RG7621bk. He plays though a Peavey 5150 combo amp,and whenever he uses the guitar and puts the toggle on position one { bridge pup }, it squeels like a banshee!It's awful, extremely loud, and it doens't stop. It's not the amp or his cables, he plays through the same cable and amp with different guitars, and it doesn't do it. It also seems to not squeel whenever he plays at low volumes. I think the pickup may need to be wax potted. Could there maybe be a bad ground, or maybe something isn't shielded properly? We'd like to fix it soon, he just got the guitar, and now he can't really use it!



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I think it possibly went microphonic on him in which case the best bet would be to re-pot it. Simple and under $20 for the whole thing plus he can do all of his pickups at the same time so there all done and no problems should arise.

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Well, my friend and i went to Wal Mart yesterday to try and find canning wax and beeswax. I didn't expect them to have beeswaz, but they didn't have canning wax, either!

This may be a retarded question, but would it be possible to just melt down an unscented, neutral-colored candle and use that?

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