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Ibanez Rg Customisation

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Hey guys, I have just put a deposit on a customised ibanez RG here :D







Right, i wouldnt have considered a korean RG like this BUT it was a hardtail ((i'll be damned if i have to trust a korean floyd)) and its already been modded.

ITs a 2004 RG 321MH.

Does the body look one peice mahagony to you guys? i cant tell.

Anyway. the things changed on it are.

"The pickups are DiMarzios, Tone Zone in the bridge and Air Norton in the neck. The stock 5-way switch has been replaced with a 3-way. The tuners have been replaced with Sperzel locking tuners. The strap buttons have been replaced with ends for a Clip-lok strap. Finally, the guitar is set up for 9-46 guage strings."

Apart from changing the strap locks to jim dunlop USA's and 10 gauge string setup what else can be done? Such as maybe a PGM f hole fake sticker arrangement? :I hear some problems about decals not fixing very well on oiled guitar such as these ((peeling basically)) Would fake F holes look decent on a Naturally stained guitar like this?

Also what sort of Bridge could i replace the Korean one with? Any USA/Jap units out there by hipshot maybe?

C'mon guys give me ideas B)

Oh i also i may put a washburn wonderbar bridge inplace of the hardtail, did they ever make the wonderbars spaced for Ibanez's? or would a fender spaced trem be fine?

rob :D

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Hey guys, I have just put a deposit on a customised ibanez RG here :D

Does the body look one peice mahagony to you guys? i cant tell.

rob B)

Destring, unscrew a pickup ... peek down into the cavity.

You will get some insight into the wood makeup by checking the cavity.


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Seems to be some small nicks and color differences in the mahogany.

I would take everything off body and give body nice sanddown.

With some of the sanding dust and some CA glue I would repair those nicks....sand sand everything smooth again and then some good old Tung Oil finish to make it shine again.

Don't like look of Sprezels.....but all that is personal.

Pup are best you can get. So I would leave'm in.

And if you really want to be cool....sand about 1/8" of the top of body and find nice curly maple peice to glue on there.......with nice white binding on body with makes this a real stunning nice guitar.

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Looks like it's a 2-piece body.

I see a faint shift in color, particularly at the neck joint...


Otherwise, I like the white knobs, IF there is something else to go with it.

In this case the binding on the neck, the pu's, the switch tip, and finally the strap.

Looks great!

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You think its dyed basswood and not real mahagony? Why do you say that ? IT does say MH after the model number, so therefore i assume it is mahagony, Unless they meant "MAHAGONY styled"

ALso what do you think about putting a PGM sticker kit onto the body.

The previous owner did this and looked like this.


ALso if i was to go the sticker route, I would have to finish the guitar. What would you guys recommend for varnish/finish on a guitar like this? Also whats the closest colour match to the guitars colour? The closest i can get is Red Mahagony.

I like the white, but the guys providing all the old cosmo black pots as well.


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That's mahogany, not basswood stained to look like mahogany. I think it's a 2 piece, like RAI6, but beware I've seen 3 and 4 piece versions of that guitar. So there could be other joints hiding in there. The best way to tell is to look at the end of the guitar by the strap button area. You can clearly see where grain patterns stop and new ones begin.

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