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Newbie In Need Of Help

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I am building my first guitar I know very little about the art of guitar construction, all I have is an idea for how it would look, an uncle with extensive wood working skills and a love for guitar. Any help anyone could give me would be much appreciated I literally know nothing about it other than what I've learned off of this website. If you have any design ideas, electronic edeas or just info on what not to do please let me know. thanks alot.


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Go to the main site (www.projectguitar.com) and go to the tutorial section, read every tutorial on there, and if you don't understand it, tough, because you will later along the lines. www.stewmac.com is a great guitar builder supplier. Also, look for the book "Make Your Own Electric Guitar" by melvin(sp) hiscock. I've been told it's great.

Read as much as you possibly can with out posting. Use the search feature a lot (top right of the forums). Read electronics books, they will help you soooooo much. When you've got a question make sure you search for it first, and if the searches are useless, look for the RIGHT forum to post it in, and don't post questions in the tutorials and reference section, because most likely noone will see it and the possibilities of the best answer shrinks. I hope that helps.

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I dont understand why threads like this keep occuring. The whole "I dont know anything, any help you can provide..etc" thing is stupid. There is NO way for anyone here to tell you all you need to know in one post. Even if there were you havent told us anything about what you are trying to do. Just as silverrtone said, go to the main site and READ, at least then you will know what you need help wit. I'm sorry for being so blunt but it seems like "Newb Question" and "Newbie Needs Help" threads are popping up like crazy now and there really is no reason to not know anything here. If you found this site you are only a few more clicks away from a huge source of information. Use it.

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