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My Chinese Ephiphone (electric) basically has a plywood body. I just needed something that I could use for working out chords and rifts while I'm writing songs... but the sound is NOT impressive. Of course, the pickups are cheap, too, so that doesn'thelp... but that body really lacks in the sustain department.


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There is plywood and there is plywood. Whenever you laminate a top or put a carved top on a routed body you are making "plywood" but you are making very good plywood. Even the "void-free" cabinet-grade stuff isn't near good enough to make a musical instrument. Years ago, you could buy cross-grained mahogany plywood that was good enough to make a shopclass mandolin or balalaika but it probly was a waste of time for anything truely "musical". The material used by modern Chinese producers is as much binder as wood, as far as integrity goes, and I really don't have any issues with it. The 5-ply and 7-ply stuff they make just for their own use seems to be very stable and attractive. Saves them money and shows up as lower prices for us. Pretty cool.

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