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Jem Pups

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they don't sell the JEM single, you can only get it out of a JEM. I have also heard that the virtual vintage is close, and I think there are some people who also put a Blue Velvet in the middle. I don't really know what any of them sound like though, so I can't help you there.

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Its not an HS3, it's not a stacked coil. But I think some people have said that you can get close to the sound with the HS2 or 3 top coil only.

It's just a regular single coil, pretty thin and glassy sounding. That's what I like in my guitars, too. A real vintage Fendery pickup. I've found the stock Ibanez S1 and S2 to be pretty thin and glassy sounding, but with a little more output than a vintage fender. I use them as middles from time to time, and both my RG's have them, as well as PAF Pros in the neck, for the old Jem sound. It's working quite well.

Most players' complaint is the drop in output on the 2 and 4 positions, which is partially blamed on the humbuckers going to single coil. But that's what I like best about a guitar with a low output middle single. It gives you an automatic gain variation.

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Whoops, it is stacked I guess. I just don't remember the Root Beer I had for awhile as having a stack. I did know it wasn't an HS3 though. And Dimarzio says it's "like" an HS2, but usually that means it's close enough, if not the same thing. That's the problem they get themselves into with doing all the special endorser pickups, like the original Music man EVH pickups. You have to go tooling around to try to find the "equivalent" model.

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