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My latest work- inlay

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Hi all-

Here is my latest inlay for a Stephen Kinnaird acoustic.

The client is a relative of "Buffallo" Bill Cody, so this has some meaning to him I'm sure.

Materials are pipestone, black pearl, gold pearl, spiny oyster, purple/pink lapis, brown lip pearl, and it's engraved in white and black.

Thanks for looking.

This is a little diffeent for me- it's not a fish for sure :D



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Thanks Alex.

Don't insult the colonel? What you don't like chicken? :D

Here's a pic of the inlay in process and the art I went from so you can see the original picture.

Thanks for your kind words!

I changed out the black pearl hat for pipestone because I had to change the sizes.



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Thanks guys.

Brian- the tuning holes wil be drilled through from the back with a diamond bit, and then filed out to the wood boundary. I just like to get photos of my work as full image as possible, then again after it's finished and done. :D

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Thanks all.

Turns out that now I'm going to do his name down the neck in a bold western "rosewood" :D style font.

I'll get pics when it's done B)

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