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My Latest Inlay- Craig Lavin


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Hi Guys.

I know there are a lot of new rules about images, etc.. So rather than mess anything up I am just giving a link to another excellent acoustic forum that is already running my images over at luthiersforumcom. They are another group of great guys, specializing in acoustics. All truly really good people.

This is on an electric, my third installment of my Living Sea series. It's the single most intricate inlay I have ever done to date. It's only the fretboard, and it still needs more work yet. I am doing as well the headstock face, tuners, back of headstock, body back, and possibly the back of the neck.

Please check it out!

It's over 274 pieces, of just about everything except woods.

Thanks for looking, any questions please let me know!

I honestly hope I'm not breaking any rules. I don't even know what "hotlinking" is.

I have seen some pretty sexy links, maybe some are "hot"

I'm not here for business, only help and inspiration. :D

Craig Lavin

Here is the link:

Thanks for looking!


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Thanks Guys.

Maiden I didn't do that with Walnut, but I have done it already on lighter maples.

The body woods on this one are almost totally black, lake salvaged 5-A quilted maple for the front AND back. I also have a set of 5A pure flame Koa as well, for if in need. Basically the maple is naturally blackened. I was hoping there would be a way to keep it black and possibly highlight the lighter areas (what there is if it- it pretty dark wood) a golden yellow. I would think it's almost impossible.

I want to keep the yellow black theme, based on the animals colors. The back is going to have a 300 or so piece leafy sea dragon, all jade, gold, brown, and black pearls. I still need to start the art for the headstock, etc..

I may go with the naturally black back and front, with an ebony- bright flame maple-ebony purfling border. That would brighten it up around the edges.

You really need to see the woods. I have pics, but not on line.

All ideas are welcome!

Craig L

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It is a great idea. My first living sea guitar is done that way- http://www.handcraftinlay.com/livingsea.html

I haven't done it yet with boxes, or with Walnut. In walnut the color may not turn up right. If I do get that comission I'll make sure to post it.


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