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hey, with my new project (new pups, scratchplate) i was wonderinf if i shoudl bother with shielding my guitra? atm it has foil over the control area of the current scratchplate, and thats it. I will have a motherbucker and a P90 in it, but atm it has 3 stock SCs and i was thinking, seeing as its pretty much ok (unless i have full drive +high voulme, then i get a hum even in positions 2 and 4). should i bother with it, and to what extent? i was thinking just using ordinary tin foil with strong glue and making sure that layers have contact with screws or staples? if i put foil all over and come up onto the surface of the body, i wont need to put a ground wire out to the scratchplate as there will be contact between the foil on the plate and the foil on the body. does that make sense? obviously ground wire front of the vol pot and the bridge gets grounded into the body foil? is it actually worth it if i have no problems?

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yeh i'd read the guitarnuts thing before,t hats what i was gonna follow if i do do it...i was prolly gonna sheild at least the scratchplate and if i can make good continuity betweent he body and scratchplate, ill have 1 less wire to remove when i take the scratchplate off int he future as i can groudn the bridge tot he cavity and the shielding will take it to the grounding :D

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