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Drill Bits & Hols


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I always clamp a block to the back of what I am drilling. That way when the drill bit passes through, the wood around the edges has can't move so as to splinter.

You can also drill from one side and then the other, but personally I'm not too keen on doing this.

HANDY HINT FROM MY OLD MAN (along the same lines):

If you are cutting wood with a jigsaw, the blade cuts on an upward stroke. If you're cutting plywood, it'll splinter all over the place. Stick tape down over the area you want to cut, make the outline on top of the tape and cut round it. It won't completly stop it but it will certainly be better :D

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Drilling right through with much smaller diameter bit and the enlarging the hole to the correct size from each side works well. The small diameter is much less prone to splintering and it gives a nice pilot hole for drilling out the rest.


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