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Seymore Strat / Hotrail

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I've done many p/u change out's.............But this ax is my pride and joy so I'm being carefull

1983 American :D Standerd Stat W/ the noise cancelling tone pot .

I put a Seymore Hotrail on bridge and wired it for bucking (Hot) soldered

the two remaining wires were the single coil once was ..............

It just Isn't as Crunchy as I'd like it and it seems very un balenced with the other two P/u .............................Any Schumatuic wiring Idea's or bag it

go back to Original!!!!

Steve Maxwell

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Thats the Thing I've got "Hotrail" in my Yamaha and I Swear It's Bone crushing!!! ,

Wes you've got a point , but my "Super Distortion's or SH- 6's

don't hold acandle to the hot rail in my Yamaha!!

Scott you soldered the red and white together correct!! and green and Sheild

to ground then back to fivth posiion (or bridge pos. on switch ,???

I'm begining to wonder if they did the old switch-a-roo with a Sceaming demon at Guitar Center!


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we are talking about the single coil hot rails correct?the one made to fit in a single coil cavity but in actuality has 2 coils?i just don't find them to have the bottom end like a true humbucker.on lead they do have alot of extra highs though.he said crunchy so i assume he meant for rythm.i guess it depends alot on what you are playing of course.i thought a screaming demon is a true humbucker.hot rails screamin demon

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