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I Need Help With My Tune O Matic

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i bought a tun-o-matic bridge like this one bridge (its the one at the very bottom) at a local music store for the guitar i'm building. my problom is, that i think i need some bushings to mount it to the body, but i've been serching every where to find them and cant find any that will fit those posts. dose any one know where i cand find them, and (this might seem like a stupid question) do i even need the bushings? thanks in advance for your help

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Good work guys - totally confuse him!!

Choc - The bridge you linked to is a traditional tune-a-matic with thumb wheels. You *do not* need studs with this bridge - the threaded posts are mounted directly in the guitar body, and the bridge is raised or lowered by turning the wheels.

Just drill a hole slightly smaller then your threaded post, then thread the post into the hole. I chuck the post in a power screwdriver and screw it down into the hole. You'll need to measure the height of you birdge, and drill you holes so the post doesn't stick up above the top of the bridge.

I'll get you a pic before the end of today.

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thanks for the help every one.

slayer63636- those are the first ones i found, the bottom end of the post is bigger than the post of mine, so it wouldn't work, but thanks any way

Setch- i get exactly what your saying to do, thats how i was thinking about doing it, but i wasn't sure if it was the right way, thanks

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OK, sorry about that, my bad.  But the link you presented mentioned that bushings were included.  I guess you DID mention that the bridge you bought was SIMILAR to the one in the link.

the one i bought has a diffrent brand name at the top of the package, but at the bottom in little print it says manufactured by mighy might, so i assume its pretty close to that bridge. and at first i thought that it said that the bushings were included, but when i read it agin i think is just saying that it fits standard posts and bushings (but it did come with the posts), but thanks for the input

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