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Faux neck-thru idea....

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Had an idea that i'd like to share with you guys...

Okay, basically my idea is to start with a neck from a regular bolt-on guitar. Would it be possible to basically add { by gluing/bolting } a piece of wood to the end of it that would run through the entire body? Then you'd put 'wings' of another wood on either side of it, just like a neck-thru. I can't think of a better way to explain it... well, it's pretty much just doing the closest thing to making a bolt-on into a neck-thru, i guess. Doing this, you could have a super-skinny neck joint of a neck thru with the tone and stablility of a bolt-on guitar. Does this make sense? Anybody tried it?


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You could do that or add some wood to the base of it that extends down the front of an exsisting body and glue the three piece's together then carve/sand or shape it somehow to be more like a neck through even though it would qualify as a set neck guitar at that point. :D

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Um... surely if you attach the neck to a piece which later becomes the centre of the body you're simply creating a setneck or bolt neck with a three piece body. You wouldn't be able to make the neck joint any smaller, since you don't actually have the benfit of one continuous piece of wood running the entire length of the body. An endgrain to endgrain gluejoint would actually be weaker than a conventional setneck or boltneck.

Tell me if I'm missing something here, but it sounds like a complicated process without any real benefits.

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Yes, alot of work to achieve the look of neck-through.

All you have to do is make a 3-piece body, using the same center material as your neck (maple, for instance).

Add mahogany wings, and your in business!.

A bolt-on neck that looks like a neck-through.

At least from the front....... :D

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