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Fret Caul Idea / Question


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Hi, i dont realy want to fork out for a fret press but have read its the best way to get the frets well beded in. So couldn't i just order a caul, make a small caul holder / arbor type thing that I could use to hammer the frets in with? Like this...


Ie, rest it on the fret and tap it with a hammer?

Should be better than just using a fret hammer shouldn't it? (At least for a newb like me)



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Brilliant Jay! Hehe, should of read the stew mac info, it didn't occur to me that I could use a bench drill. Anyway after reading the other thread I just found those cheap arbor presses in the uk, so might get one of them anyway. It was the price of the arbor press that was putting me off tbh.



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