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Size Of Neck

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im currently in the process of making a neck for a bass...its fine at the top, but compared to my ibanez bass, the lower part is smaller then the ibanez...it feels better in my hand, but im worried if the the strings will fit on it...any suggestions?

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my suggestion, get a book and read it... " Build Your Own Electric Guitar"... you will then hopefully know how to plan a guitar. After you know how to plan a guitar/bass then you can build one successfully. Just really make sure you know what you are doing before you start hacking away at the wood. Best of luck to you!

1/2 to small? make it a three string bass.

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I'm sorry but dont even take a tool to a peice of wood before you know more. Dont take that the wrong way. Just take a break and read a whole bunch. And check out this link fred board calculator. It's a .pdf you'll need adobe reader to view it. The string spacing and the fingerboard size is the biggest part of a guitar or bass. If you dont get that right your not going to be happy with the product at all.

And the reason a guitar or bass neck gets bigger as it goes tward the bridge is if it diddnt it would feel really bad and be very hard to play.

(If you dont know the measurments that go in the boxes in the link I posted stop, just stop.)

Please correct me if I said something wrong. I'm really tired right now...


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I'm sorry but dont even take a tool to a peice of wood before you know more.

:D  :D

I disagree. Everyone has the right to make mistakes, and he probably learned a big lesson that he might not have taken seriously if he hadn't tried.

I mean, it's just a piece of wood, what's the big deal?

And he's only 14, it makes sense to just go for it.

Hughes, why not try to rescue the neck? You could probably make a cool-looking laminated neck out of it...the outer layers can taper toward the headstock, it'll end up looking very cool.

While you're scrounging around for the wood for that, take a few moments to read up on what you're doing too.

Oh yeah, and about the three-string bass thing...I got along just fine as a bassplayer basically sticking to the E and A strings...'course, it was a different era back then...

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Much good advice here, but go ahead and finish it. You (At least, I...) learn more from your mistakes than your successes, so make as many as you can on your first. :D

As regards the books, Most libraries have a service called interlibrary loan, where they can get books from other libraries for you to borrow. It's hit or miss, but it doesn't hurt to ask.


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