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A lot of people seem to like the saga kits. They are cheap and as a foundation, not too bad. Concensus seems to be that the tuners suck in a major way.. Also the wood is pre-sealed so you have to keep that in mind when considering finishes.. but to just clearcoat, or do a solid color on it's a great way to try it all out.

And like mentioned above.. you can buy them from UniversalJems.com and support this forum that way. his prices are competitive.

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The kit you would buy from Jems isn't the same as a kit you buy from LMI or others. They may be SAGA kits but Jems goes through them and culls the crap. The Grizzlies seem to be slightly better components but I don't think it be worth the money. If you are going to trash the tuners, trash the pickups (I don't have a problem with the SAGA pickups, just not quality) and have to do a lot of finish work to get around their over-sealed wood surfaces, why not just buy a unfinished body and neck and pick up parts as needed? Kits are cool cause you got everything there you need but you also get a lot of compromises. First project? I think I would buy a SAGA from Jems and get it under my belt.

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