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Adjustable nut height!

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I was just reading an old review of the Warwick Thumb Bass, and saw that they used to allow individual string height adjustments in the nut by using slot-head screws as the nut. The string sits in the slot, and you can raise/lower the string height by removing the string and screwing/unscrewing the screw as required.

I thought it was kinda cool so did some searching, then found there's a new version. They call it the Just-A-Nut II.

Here's what it looks like....


Anyway, I thought I'd let y'all know about it in case it's something you might wanna use.... maybe some of you engineer types could use this as a springboard for some kind of (almost) infinitely adjustable intonation system...? :D

Hope your weekend is going well B)

Rock on :D


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