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Emg Select

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fairly self explanitory are the emg selects that stewmac sells any good? i dont own any nor plan to, im just curious

I've got 2 select singles(dual blade) in my japanese fat strat, nothing especially wonderful, but heaps better than the stock pickups it had.

My only real gripe is that they're epoxy sealed so i cant practically add any winds, cos right now ive got 15k bridge humbucker and 6k neck and middle, but ill probably wire them in series and swap for a 3 way, so its 2 hum style.

If your on a budget, buy them, they waste anything from samshim, and a lot of mighty mite too!

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I used a set if their P-bass pickups in a friends bass, have to say I was pleasently suprised by them. My friend loves them. I can't vouch for any of thier others, but those are a good value for the money.


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