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Fret Nippers...?

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A quick question, is StewMac the only place that sells fret tang nippers? I've been looking around and haven't found an alternative, but I may just be inept. I'm sure the ones from StewMac are fine, but it's good to have options and all.



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Actually the Stew Mac tang nipper at $39.95 is nothing more then a modified sheet metal nibbler cutting tool. What they did was have the manufacturer file a slot on the end so that the crown of the fret wire would slide in. If you have one close by you can get an unmodified version and file the groove yourself at Ace Hardware for $26.99 or if you would rather pay shipping and wait you can score one from Isham's for $20.95

Just remember to file the groove in the right place because the Stew Mac version is held upside down :D

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