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Identifying humbuckers?


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I installed a pair of EMGs yesterday in my Jackson KE3. Now, I'm wondering what the old pickups were.

The guitar was probably manufactured ca 1990. The pickups were marked with a pencil on the back, with the text "JH-2 10.8" and "J-50N 10.2" on the bridge and neck pickups respectively. They both have open pole pieces.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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The EMGs are really great, it's a ZW set (81 and 85), I placed the 85 in the neck postion and the 81 in the bridge position, and I like it. They are much clearer than the previous pickups. The 85 gives me what I need for full, powerful distortion in the lower ranges, and the 81, with it's nice "biting" attack is great for lead playing. The 81 sounds a bit thin when going down below 3rd fret on the 5th string (Cb, as I'm tuned to Eb), but that really doesn't matter. Both sound great clean. Much more "alive" than the other pickups. Absolutely splendid for the type of music I play (metal, and that type of stuff).

May I ask why you ask?

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i ask because i absolutely love them and have put them in every guitar i own.i also play metal and they are perfect.the 81 is also excellent for those tight speed rythms such as slayer or deicide because they refuse to muddy up no matter how fast or aggresive you play.

you can thicken the bass up a bit by using a 12 band or so eq. and scooping the mids helps too.

i guess i am just interested in your take on them.by the way if what you play is thrash rather than speed the 85 is also great at the bridge.it has a heavier bottom end.(i use 81s though)

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