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Headstock Transformation

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OK, I'd like to transform this headstock:


into something like this (the sketch in green):


How to do this?

Should I just cut the old headstock in a triangle shape and then glue "wings" on it?

If yes, would the glue hold the string tension?

Won't it break down?

Or should I do this in a completely different way?

Thank you people!

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I imagine that it could be done but there are a few things that I think are essential to it being successful. First thing I would do would be to sand it down and get all that paint off first as I imagine you are going to want to refinish it anyway. Next thing would be to fill the existing tuner holes. Spend a little time and find some good maple dowels, to use the cheap crap from the local craft store (unless theyre maple I guess). Pay particular attention to the existing B tuner hole as it lies right on your proposed cut line. I think you could then go ahead and cut off the LEAST amount of wood possible to get you within your desired shape. I would cut a bit outside the line as you are going to want to spend a fair amount of time truing up these surfaces to make for a good glue joint. A block plane should do the trick. You can then go about gluing on your wings (which shold be the correct thickness at this point) and clamp everything up. You might need to use a little creativity to get the clams to apply good even pressure depending on the shape of your wings. After the glue is dry, you can mark your tuner holes, drill and cut out the headstock shape.

Now, one measure that I think would be stupid to exclude would be a veneer over the face. This is going to give you a lot more strength and take some stress off that long joint. You may want to consider doing one on the back as well. Either way, make sure you take the thickness of the veneer into account and thickness the headstock accordingly. That should cover the BASIC procedure. I can't guarentee this is a fullproof method, but if you take your time and do things right I dont see why you couldnt be successfu. Good luck!

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I was about to cut the old headstock in a symmetric triangle shape (that would make the neck look like a spear, hope you get it, because my English sucks) and then shape the new headstock out from a small maple blank and carve a "female" triangle hole in it that fits perfectly the new cut triangle tip of the old headstock.

Then glue and use some screws too.

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