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What Bridge To Use

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Hello all! I need some advice. I'm having to replace the tune-o-matic bridge that came standard on my Gibson Les Paul Studio. I'm thinking of using the Tone-Pros bridge of the same style. It looks like just a simple replacement. What do you guys think? Any better brands that Tone-Pros to use? Because I'm new to this, the easier the installation, the better.

Thanks. :D

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If expensed=quality, then tonepros is the way to go. I can't say for sure as I've never used them. I just know when I look in a catalog they are the most expensive.

As far as easy installation, there are a couple of things you need to check out. First you need to verify the spacing of the posts that the bridge sits on. This is measured from the center of one post to the center of the other, this number needs to be the same from your old bridge to the new one. Another thing to check is the size of the bushing that these posts screw into. If the diameter of the tonepros bushing is bigger than the stock bushing you may have to drill the hole in your guitar bigger.

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from what i've seen/read tone pros are the way to go. Look on ebay, you can get a good deal quite often.

There are several ways to go with tonepros depending on how much you want to spend.

1) buy locking studs only

2) buy the bridge or the tailpiece only with locking studs..

3) replace the whole friggin thing.

The locking studs are the heart of the tone pros system. If you feel your bridge is of low quality then i'd replace it all. but on a les paul; studio, the bridge shouldn't be all that bad. check out WD Music Products online (the distributor) and you can see descriptions of all the models.

And yes, replacing a real LP will be a direct swap. You won't have to worry about spcing.

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tone pros are superior bridges.make sure you get the direct rep[lacement for the les paul...they make them in american standard(gibson) and metric(as in like gotoh)

i very much prefer them over a standard t.o.m. and i am sure you will as well.

also make sure the saddles are pre notched.

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