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Building My First

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I'm now planning my first real project, and I have figured I want to build a two handed tapping guitar.

The guitar will be somewhat simular to the Michael Bianco two handed guitar(Michael Bianco guitar), witch means it will have 14 strings and two necks. I am still unsure weather i will build the two necks as two seperate or one broad neck. It will be a 26 fret neck, sort of a barriton, so that i can dampen the strings at the second fret and still have the whole tonal range of a normal guitar. I am planning it to be a neckthrough, slightly broader than two seven string necks, so that there will be a gap betwin the two sets of strings. I am thinking of a Maple-cherry-maple-cherry-maple laminate with two trus rods and carbon rods for adding strenght.

Since this is my first project I was wondering if anyone has any ideas, do's or dont's, so I wont f*** up the entire project. Since I live in Norway, and wood is quite expensive here, I can't afford to go wrong...

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wow.. sounds like a neat instrument..

Only advice I would give is to maybe build a regular guitar first just to get the hang of all the skills involved.. Something like you describe will have to be very precise..

Not trying to discourage you.. you may feel perfectly comfortable taking it on, but a project of that magnitude would be intimidating for a lot of people.. let alone a first time builder.

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