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Hi everyone

This question it´s maybe simple but anyway I´ll better ask.

I am doing a guitar right from the wood.. :D

I´ve already prime it with enamel spray paint, but then it comes the color coat, I ´m looking for a finish that I have only been able to find in Laquer spray paint.

I have asked a lot on what will happen if I paint with laquer over a primer enamel surface and then clear coat it with transparent enamel.

Everyone has tell me that the result will be a horrible terrific disaster!! B):D:D

Anyway I´ve already tried this in a piece of wood and nothing happens :D it looks great and no problems..but i don´t know if the problems will come throught the pass of time or what!!


Please tell what to do.Thanks for your answers B)

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it's easy to get a great finish by applying enamel then lacquer over that but it's a gamble to do the enamel over the lacquer because of the nature of the paint (lacquer).

Usually lacquer will dry to the touch in the first few minutes/hours depending on how thick a coat you put down but it will also keep on drying and shrinking as well. Even some enamels will do this to a degree as well as acrylics but not as bad.

You can try it on a test like you did but I would wait before attemping it on the actual guitar. Chances are the finish is unstable and your going to end up refinishing it in the long run.

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Ok..thank´s Brian ...

Then ,it would be okay if I paint it with laquer over the enamel primer paint and then clear coat it all with TRANSPARENT LAQUER??

Or It´s better if I do everything with enamel even thought I would have to change the color in wich I´ve had planed to paint the guitar???

Thank´s !!

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