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I Succesfully Took Off The Finger Board...

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I wasn't happy with the fretjob or the finish on my first guitar so I decided I'd refinish the whole guitar and remove the fret board and do another one :D So I followed the tutorial on the main site and everything wen't fine. I now have a neck that is waiting a fingerboard, and a sanded body waiting for some finish. Call me crazy but I wan't this thing too look and play awesome!

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I don't know what you are going to use to glue your fretboard back on but make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you apply any adhesive. I think the best results come from reducing the amount of time between applying glue and being fully-clamped.

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Pics brother! BTW, what type of wood was the original board? I loved that streak it had in it.

Ah, no, Godin don't like to show his work in progress...no fair! Especially because the results are really good.

thats not true! Sometimes I'm just too lazy too go through the whole process of getting some pics up that I just don't bother :D I'll try too get some pics up later today. That was the cocobolo neck with cocobolo finger board one. The reason it has a lighter streak on it was it had some of the sapwood on it. I think that looked awesome too. I auccually have a matching peice that looks JUST the same. I bought like 5 of them at once and there all from like the same board. So the new fingerboard will look the same as the old one :D

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