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My First Failed Glue Joint

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So I've been working on a new build the last couple've days (yes, I was the first with the limba/ziricote combo thanks :D ). Last night I was levelling the scarfed section of the fretboard plane with the plank. I'm putting a little pressure on the headstock surface, because I switched to truing it up. I hear 'CRACK' and think '#$%$, what was that?!?!'. I give the scarf a little tug and it pulls free from the rear headstock veneer. 'So now I have a scarfed headstock veneer on the neck shaft. Oh well, at least that joint is good. Let's test it to make sure.....' CRACK'. "#%$^" and then a fist fight with the wall ensued. Somehow the wall always wins without throwing a punch :D . So after stewing over what the problem; 'I know the surface prep was perfect, and I've never had a glue joint fail, what is the stinking deal?!,' it occurred to me; my glue had been in the shop all winter. I wasn't sure whether it had frozen or not, but apparently it did, because I KNOW that surface was perfect. I think I might be able to salvage the neck still, but only time will tell. Lessons learned:

1. Don't leave your glue in freezing weather

2. When in doubt (I was), buy new glue

3. Test your glue joints. Luckilly this all happened when I only had maybe 5 or 6 hours in the neck, and like I said I might be able to salvage materials.

I don't post many problems that I had here, because most of them have been covered 8 or 10 times. I only remember reading that freezing screws up glue once way back in the mimf archives, so I thought I'd bring this issue a little attention. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Man that sucks.. My glue is brand new, so if anything of mine fails, I can't blame the glue.. I was planning a scarf joint on mine too.. did you buy the limba neck? I got one limba and one maple.. i'm going to match limba with limba though.

Good info. It's definitely worth throwing down another 5 bucks or so for a fresh bottle of glue if in doubt.

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Long ago a guy I worked for taught me a neat trick. Everything that can freeze goes into a great big plywood box at night. There is a 5W refrigerator light inside. It burns almost no electricity, but it keeps everything warm. I haven't had a shop with heat in I don't know how long, but my glue stays good. It's also nice to not have stuff thicker than maple syrup even if it doesn't hurt it to freeze so I keep epoxys and such in there.

If your aliphatic type glue is either separated or lumpy it worth the $14.00 a gallon to pitch it and buy new. Any doubt throw it out.

Glue line failure usually doesn't happen until you're completely done and you've delivered the ____ to the customer.

Another thing to remember is that if your wood is too cold or the whole thing gets below freezing before the glue dries you are screwed.

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