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Ok I'm Getting Prety Fed Up

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Ok ya'll may recall I'm building two wenge guitars right now. Whats holding these up is getting the grain filled. I fill the grain with the stew mac black grain filler wait till it dries than sand off the excess grain filler. When I snad through the grain filler so it's not just solid black anymore the holes are still there, same as before. It's almost like the filler is not getting into the holes. Which doesn'y make any sense too me because it is prety liquid stuff and should flow into the holes just fine.

So what on earth am I doing wrong? I'm dont this like 6 times already and I'm getting prety fed up. I need too get these guitars done and this is holding up the process.

And help would be MUCH appreciated.

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Like Doc says, I think that you are not forcing the filler into the holes. I haven't had any problem with Stews Epoxy, which is the one I use, I got the water based one, just in case I want a different color, but the Epoxy is great. Use a hard squeege. I have one made from 1/8" acrylic for curved surfaces and an utility razor blade for straight tops.

And run it at a 45 degree angle to the grains.

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