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Neck finishing....

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As you all know I'm working on my first finish job ever.. I've got a real good grasp of what to do as far as the body goes.. the only thing I'm worried about are two things about the neck....

1. Is there a way to get the Vintage Amber finish on a neck without buying from Guitar ReRanch or StewMac.. I'm pretty sure it has to be oil based stain... but open for suggestions.. anyone know for sure...

2. I remember reading on the subject about decals on neck... I have a good design but was wondering if there was a way to buy something to print off on a laser printer that will work... any suggestions on the best way to get a high quality decal that looks good...



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I can answer your second question... Super Cal Water Slide Decals. They print off of an ordinary INK Jet but turn out great.

Follow the instructions... Once you apply it to your headstock wait at least 12 hours for it to thoughly dry then spray the clearcoat (in my case I used Nitro Cellulose Laquer). I have not tested it with Poly.

You will have to spray several (and I mean several) coats of clear, but it will gradually just disappear into the clear coat.

You can purchase directly from their website. Trust me it works.

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Thanks cbm for the tip on decals.. I emailed them and looks like the only place local is 6 hours away.. lol.. so I'm gonna have to order them direct... but thanks for the information..

Again Brian comes through for me... I'll just order the one from ReRanch or the stain from Stew Mac.. they both call it vintage amber... but one is in a bottle another in a spray can... both should work good..

If anyone else has any suggestions that they used and worked.. as far as decals and neck stain.. please let me know.. thanks

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