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Important Message To All B.c. Rich And Mason Berna

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Register your instrument now. We are taking submissions for USA and import models. B.C. Rich and Mason Bernard only. Send as much of the following information to:


Guitar/bass model:

Date of manufacture:

Complete serial number (including letters if it has any):

How many strings:

Bolt on or neck thru:

Wood used:


Active or passive electronics:

Inlay style:


Any additional features/comments:

Country & state instrument located in:

Headstock shape: (see chart below)

Tuner brand:

Style of knobs:

Truss rod cover color:

Logo style: (script, R, etc)

If you wish to make a complete submission, please also email clear photos of headstock - both front and back, as well as the body - both front and back.

About us:

A group of B.C. Rich specialists have formed an international team to gather information from all across the world and create a database that can be used to identify B.C. Rich guitars and basses from vintage era all the way through to the modern day instruments.

We have been in contact with B.C. Rich staff from modern day, as well as from vintage era from the '70's, 80's and even class axe days. But now we need your help. We are trying to answer all the questions about B.C. Rich identification that no-one seems to have the answer to. Eg: class axe Identification. Bolt on year identification. And so on.

If you send information and request for us to reply with a date for your guitar, we are happy to do so, but please make sure to include as much of this info as possible. At date, we have well over 1000 guitars recorded, but we have only just hit the tip of the iceberg.

Please register your guitar now.







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I think that you will get a lot more feedback at Moser's forum. A lot of BcR lovers over there.

We already have posts at the shredder (moser forum). Thanks for the suggestion though. Can you reccomend any other guitar forums that may prove to be a success in reaching BVR owners?

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