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Guitar Thickness?

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Im going to put an OFR tremolo on a guitar im building and i wasnt sure if it was 100% necessary to have to wood be 1 3/4 inches thick. I only ask this because the directions on the Floyd Rose website show these measurements which make me wonder a bit.

For those who dont wanna click the link. Its a picture of the different depths of the routings and for the thichness of the guitar it shows 1.75 inches.

If i decide to make the guitar, say, 1.60 inches would it make a big difference???

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It has to be deep enough to accomodate the trem block and springs. I don't want to give a definitive answer because I'm not experienced enough to do so, but just by looking at the picture, you SHOULD still be able to squeeze'er in if your body's only less than an eighth of an inch thinner.


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You can accomodate for that by not routing your neck pocket as deep as normal by the same depth you're 'lacking' in the body dept. Basically, raising the action slightly so the bridge will sit a tad higher so the block won't stick out the back.

Also, I believe you can get different blocks now, which are different heights. Not sure where to get them, but I know they exist, depends on exactly which model you're using as to availability I would imagine.

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