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Does anyone make a Stereo Guitar Wireless system where you do not have to have two seperate transmitters and/or receivers?

Now I notice that wireless mics use a balanced input. Does it actually transmit the balanced signals or is that just balanced from the mic to the transmitter and then balanced from the receiver to the pre-amp? If the balanced signal is actually transmitted, my thinking is that you could theoretically use this to send a TRS signal from a stereo jack on the guitar.

Trying to figure out the best way to transmit the piezo and magnetic signals with one wireless unit.

Or am I totally off my rocker... :D

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There's no good way to do it with a mono wireless, unfortunately - if you can live with a bandwidth of less than 15KHz (I know I can), you could use the same system that FM stereo radio broadcasting uses, but you'd have to find someone to custom build it for you. I'm not aware of anything currently on the market that will do what you're looking for.

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You could strap two battery powered amps to your legs. One for the piezo and one for the magnetics. But then you'd still need two wireless mics to mic the speakers. Then all that stuff would be so heavy that you'd probably have to sit down. Then you wouldn't need the wireless.

But seriously, I don't even know if you could use two different belt packs, because don't some belt packs use the shielding of the guitar cable as the antenna in some way? What I'm saying is you might cause trouble if you have the same "ground" going to each belt pack, depending on the wireless. Mine all have antennas hanging off the bottom, so maybe I'm nuts, but I thought that's why you couldn't use active pickups with certain wirelesses. Maybe I'm just remembering from way back, to consumer-grade wireless infancy.

There were some old Audio Technica wireless units that had relay switches in them so you could do things like change amp channels from the guitar. It was a little velcro momentary switch. Maybe you could rig something up so that whenever you switched to the piezo on the guitar, it automatically switched your signal to go to the different amp/PA/processor, etc. It would be pretty complicated, but kind of fun if you could pull it off.

I don't know if this exists, but in broadcasting, many times you see them wearing a two mic pair on their lapel. I always thought one was a backup. I wonder if they feed the same belt pack, or if they do, I wonder if they're just both on all the time, or if it's a "stereo" wireless like you're saying. I wouldn't think they were both on at the same time because the close proximity would cause phasing issues.

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If you have active pre's on your mag pickup, you can go to Circuit City, Radio Shack or Best buy and buy a $20.00 FM "bridge". This little POC has a 1/8" stereo jack that you can adapt to your axe and send to ANY FM stereo reciever within about 40 feet. Runs on a 9volt battery. I use them to send the signal from my iPod to the FM radio in my old truck's radio. The fidelity might suck a bit but it don't cost much to try. The stereo seperation is not all that bad.

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